halo5 unplayable after battle shadow light update

I think the title says all… but i want to be more specific.
before the BOSAL update the game was just perfect team were balanced no lag all working fine BUT after the BOSAL update all f****d up!!! ALL.
Here’s alist of problems that i found every single time i play both mode arena and warzone

  • LAG a lot of… very lot of i can’t even run because the image returns always at the same point (it isn’t my connection!! 100Mb fiber)
  • often when i am so luky to end a game it fails to retrive the game data
  • unaccessible REQ System it’s always loading or displayng an error message even in game
  • unbalanced teams in alla arena’s game mode i’m gold, my team is gold and all the enemy team is diamond so games ends 15-50 or so (losing it’s not a problem but not this way it’s unfair)
  • unbalanced team even in warzone
  • game usually crashes when all these problems append toghether

there’s anyone out there that noticed these problems after the BOSAL update??
Now i’m just hoping that the december update may fix all. I don’t want new maps or forge i just want a WORKING game is this so difficult to do???

yep im in the process of making a vid that shows all of these things should be up in about ten mins

somewhat same here. mostly having issues connecting to a game (i play warzone mostly) i get in the lobby and it starts to load (the long progress bar) when all of a sudden the music cuts out and nothing happens. sometimes the progress bar regresses a bit as someone new connects to the game, sometimes the lobby music returns for a short while. and the progress bar almost always stops somewhere around 99 percent. i sit back and wait for the game to start the countdown but nothing happens. after a few minutes i get a message saying the game can’t connect me to the server or something along those lines. i know it is not my internet connection because other games work just fine. i got a couple of good days of playing after the BOSAL update but when i returned this weekend all i got where disconnections and lag. earlier today I had 2 or 3 good matches with no lag or disconnections when suddenly in the mids of match 4 i got disconnected, ever since i am unable to join any mathes. hard resetting my console did not work. Seriously 343. get off your lazy butt and do something about it! i am getting sick and tired of these problems.