Halo5, issue big time

Hello everyone my name is alex my Gt is Halo5 Ruller obiesly a big halo fan since the first xbox but.im here today to adress a personal issue about KDA or as call of duty ppl will call it K/D ration the problem is that when I play grifball I dont know if this happens in all game modes but it definatly happens in grifball when a team mate kills me my KD goes down still its becoming annoying like really annoying not just the fact that my team mates repeativly kill me but the fact that my KD still goes down when a team mate kill me I would like to request the KD dosnt drop when you get team killed as of now thats really the only problem on halo 5 for me thx.

I really want to run that post through google translate, but I’m not sure it will help.

Having looked at your stats, I don’t think betrayals are significant.

Kill/Death stats aren’t that important man!

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> Kill/Death stats aren’t that important man!

They are to me thats how you get bug in the series

Why did you make you whole post like this…

Anyway, as I do agree it could be annoying, just go get more kills? Quite crying and move on, it’s just a game lmao

I think it should be an option to reset your stats or pause them because the k/d ratio thing drives people insane and it keeps them from having at times or worse.

I doubt team killing has any significant impact on your K/D ratio.