Halo5 -Halo6

So first of all how is everyone doing? Everyone doing well? I was gonna ask the community here what they think about halo 5. Personally I’m all about the story this amazing game is offering. I’m loving it. Makes me kinda angry that I have to wait for halo6 for 2 years or so. I hope they will release it sooner though. I have a question and would appreciate it it someone could answer it. So I preordered the game and everything, got the disk, finished it in a day and a half(mainly rushing it to see the story, now starting it in legendary and take my time :slight_smile: ), I came across the store that the deluxe wdition online had the fall of reach finemati(blue team origin etc). You guys know how to get it ? I can’t just purchase it separately apparently. Won’t let me. Return the game and just buy the deluxe edition instead ?

Thank you for your time

You can’t buy the Fall of Reach standalone yet. I know you will be able to, eventually, but not quite yet. You can probably watch it on YouTube if you really want to see it. It’s definitely worth the watch, in my opinion.

I would appreciate if they made the game on the disc! Instead of having to download it from the internet!

Please don’t revive old topics, thanks, especially ones that are nearly 2 years old