Halo5 and things i think needs to be in place

My ideas for Halo 5
(sort of a longer topic, and i left a number of items out)

Halo 5 is around the corner and more than anything I want this game to be better than any previous halo game, and certainly with new system hardware, we could see halo 5 be amazing. Here are some of the things I want.

Campaign is what gets me started in the game. When I first get a game, the first thing I do is head into campaign. This is the attention getter for me. If the campaign is good, I will want to keep playing the games matchmaking and other game modes.

Campaign needs matchmaking. I know many people who love to play the campaign with other people. If you indeed do not have anyone who will play with you on your friends list, having a matchmaking campaign playlist will help you achieve that.

Campaign needs more commendations. This makes the campaign more replayable. The biggest reason why I played the Halo Reach campaign more than 1 time was commendations.

This is probably the most important in terms of replayability for me. Here are some of the things I want in my matchmaking experience

Competitive and Casual Playlists
I liked the halo reach and halo 4 matchmaking, but halo 3 definitely had a the best setup in terms of separating competitive play and casual play. If you feel like being a try-hard and showing everyone whose the beast in the game, play competitive and play casual if you like sitting back and having fun. Here is some of the specifics of each

Casual will have a ranking system similar to Halo Reach with the military type of Ranks. This will show how much you have played the game, not skill level. Some of the playlists in this playlist could include:
4v4 Social Slayer. – Infinity Slayer/Halo Reach Style Team Slayer
5v5 Objective – CTF, Oddball, Extraction, KoTH, Assault, (if I’m forgetting some I apologize)
8v8 BTB – Slayer AND Objective Gametypes
4v4 Action Sack – (any community game types)
3v3v3v3 Multiteam – (Slayer and Objective Gametypes)
Rumble Pit – 6 man FFA slayer and objective Gametypes
12 man Infection/Living dead – Alpha Zombies with only sprint enabled and Infection with armor abilities.

JIP will be on, customizable loadouts for Infinity gametypes and set loadouts for all others (sprint is a loadout and not separate). You can adjust your primary weapon, secondary Weapon, Grenade and Armor Ability, NO tactical packages or any of that stuff.

Competitive will have a CSR/Trueskill Ranking system that will be visible to all who are in your matchmade game. Also available on Service Record could be K/D, CSR rank, and even a highscore rank for each playlist could be cool.
Some of the playlists could include:
4v4 Team Slayer – Halo 3 type of settings
4v4 Objective – CTF, Oddball, Extraction, KoTH, etc
8 man FFA – Slayer Only
2v2 Team Doubles – Slayer, (objectives if desired)
4v4 MLG/Throwdown/etc – competitive playlist for tournament play settings.
(I might be forgetting something but these are all I can think of at the moment)

No JIP for these playlists and no customizable loadouts. There will be no sprint because there will be no armor abilities.

Custom Games

I’m not a big custom games guy so you guys could comment to add anything in this field. I think that Halo Reach had the best Customizability to it so something similar to those settings with VIP, Race, etc.


A big forge map like Halo Reach’s would be pretty cool, but I also like 343i’s idea with the 3 separate environments. I think that there should be 1 big environment map that would be great for BTB. Then there should be 3 different smaller scale forge worlds that could be used for a smaller BTB and 4v4 maps. Also 1 flat surface map would be great.

1 of the smaller terrain maps I would like it to have a UNSC/metallic kind of building area with the UNSC building materials.
Another could have a Covenant type of building area with the Purple, Red, pink, blue type of building surfaces.
Last one could be a Forrunner type of map with Forrunner building materials
Flat Surface map could be like the Forge Island but with a longer open space so you could easily make a Remake of any map you wanted to such as Blood Gulch.

Extra Game Modes
I know a lot of people miss the offline firefight experience so I think that should make a comeback and perhaps get rid of the Spartan Ops episodes.

Also I think a new game mode called “Flood” could be implemented where you have to take on a number of waves of flood similar to COD’s -Yoink!- Zombie mode. I hate COD as much as the next guy but I think that COD really did something cool with -Yoink!- Zombies. I think that having a “Flood” mode similar to that would be extremely fun and addicting for the Casual Gamers.

This pretty much sums up my general thoughts on how Halo 5 should be. Please give me any criticism, ideas, and remarks that you could have so I could see what everyone thinks.