Halo4's Design and Animation Is Terrific

If you go to theatre with the intent of taking clips and screenshots, it’s quite breathtaking. The graphics, detail, movement, spartan design, animation, etc. is nothing short of amazing. I can’t think of another game that is as cool and looks so ridiculously well designed.

The assassinations, death animations, and overall movement…I am speechless. I don’t think most people appreciate the little things like that in this game. The weapon looks and sounds are the best. Period.

I also get really sad when I see how meticulously designed this game is because so many don’t appreciate it, and daily express hate and negativity. I really really am getting more and more sad about that.

Seriously though go to theatre guys. This game is beautiful.

It is indeed a beautiful game. One of the best looking games I’ve ever seen on consoles.

I care more about gameplay than graphics, but it is great on the visuals.

Gameplay beats graphics.

As LONG as my game runs smooth I don’t care for graphics.

But I do agree as I go into forge and theater to take a look at some parts of the map or take pictures like this one I took.


Sure, guys. Naturally gameplay is most important. But I’m not talking about that! I just was noticing how fluid and greatly detailed everything is.

I think that halo 4’s graphics are amazing

One small point: sometimes when assasinating, the knife isn’t there

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They did do a really good job on the graphics.

Also BTW 343 I quite like the home page feature of screenshots every week. Most of them are really cool

I totally wanna see a grav hammer assassination for Halo 5.

Indeed this game is amazing the details are just… amazing.

The animators, artists and sound designers really did an amazing job with Halo 4. All of the weapons sound and feel just right (except the Gravity Hammer) and the animations are amazing. The game also looks amazing (not just graphically but the art direction too). I wish I could say the same about the Multiplayer designers.