Halo4: Tanks and turrets

Here’s just an honest opinion I’ve had since online and wraiths were brought into Halo {halo2}…

Scorpions and Wraiths

To me a Wraith should be stronger then a scorpion. In the books from what I hear a single wraith shot is enough to completely vaporize a Scorpion. Wraiths are legit deadly, bombing areas, very accurate, and on top the explosion is supposed to be HUGE [several meters instant vaporized]. The plasma explosed is supposed to be so hot it turns sand into glass.

Infact When the bolt hits, the magnetic bubble collapses and the plasma rapidly expands from its compressed state creating a superheated explosion that will vaporize everything within twenty meters of impact.[8] Titanium battleplate, concrete, or flesh is instantly obliterated by the superheated white fire. Anything just outside of the kill zone is at risk of injury or death — after the initial impact, the plasma begins to cool and thermal expansion takes over, creating a wave of fire traveling outward that can travel away from the initial blast zone. Infantry caught in the flame can be burned alive and if not caught in the flames can suffer heat trauma. The concussive force released from the resulting explosion can splinter bones and destroy vital organs [from wiki]

To me this should be the Wraith, even if only in campaign. However to me a tank fight should work like this.

[To destroy: Using another scorpion]
Front-1.5 hits
Side-2 hits
Back-3 hits

[To destroy: using a Wraith]
Front-1 Hit
Side-1 Hit
Back-2 Hits

[To destroy: using another scorpion]
Front-1 hit
Side-2 Hits
Back-2 Hits

[To destroy: using a Scorpion]
Front-2 hits
Side-2.5 hits
Back-1.5 hits

The Big Why

The scorpion takes more skill to aim. A scorpion dominated a tank battle with a Wraith more times then it should.


Sorry but get rid of detachable turrets. Turrets in halo3 and Reach suck. They are weak, useless, and well BAD. In Halo 2 a turret could destroy a scorpion [i’ve done it in fights I know]. It ripped people to shreds.

Yet if you keep detachable turrets make a few turrets that are stronger that can’t be ripped off [but can be destroyed]

The big why


And overheat?

If 343 keeps overheating turrets then PLEASE make then stronger…