Halo4 Legendary Playthrough

Any and all who’d like to play the Campaign on Legendary might want to have a group of 4 to complete it with. We need just a couple people who might want to hop onboard to tackle this thing. Leave a reply and if you can be online at any certain time. You can personally add me on XBL as well.

GT- Banjo Chief


Im in. I only have to beat the last 2 missions. I’ll be on later tonight though; within 4 hours.

SURE JUST ADD Mattschoman

Hop online! 2/4 about to get it poppin.

Will be available all day Wednesday to anyone who wants to tackle legendary cooperatively. Personally send me a msg & req

To all who sent messages… Make sure you send a req as well. I have a tendency to delete messages after I read them. Couldn’t play with one guy cuz I didn’t know his name after he sent me a message.

Still a go for anyone who wants to hop in! :]