Halo4 Frame-Rate Xbox360 Arcade vs Slim

Hey guys - this is my first post here :slight_smile:

Ive tried to search some forums to see if there are any fixes or title-updates to adress the painful frame-rate issues in Halo 4 (specifically during split-screen) - but it became clear that 343 is yet to comment on the issue, and that no real answers are available…

Alot of forums/threads seem to be quite divisive on the frame-rate issue in general… those who experience it are aware of how ‘game-breaking’ it can be (especially in split-screen)…yet others dont seem bothered by it at all

In this light, my question to the Halo community is this:

Im wondering whether there is any difference in Halo 4 gameplay between an Xbox Arcade (like i own) VS. a newer Xbox Slim…

also - has anyone managed to pinpoint any other factors which can improve/worsen halo 4 gameplay?

As a lover of Halo games since CE - im desperately looking for any solution. Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

No difference, almost the same hardware.