Halo4, Custom Games for youtube

These are all the same time differences in a few countries, this is when we will be hosting the custom games on Friday Saturday and Sunday, depending on your time* if you want to join figure out your time compared to mine (new Zealand) around 11am if you can join around these times, feel free to message me before, or at the time, to join in the lobby, will be recording for youtube, and uploading when edited Our youtubes: - ThatUndeadLegacy –TeamReconAssultGames remember send me a message early because your Thursday is a Friday for me and your Saturday is a Sunday, if you have a mic and your interested in joining, message my gamertag –Undead on Fire

-Must have a mic
-No Swearing
-Would help if you downloaded forge map

Will be thanked on the video

Thanks for reading

any questions?

One thread per group/clan please. Please use your original recruiting thread. Thanks.