Halo3 Rememberance[My FIRST funtage]Thoughts?

So over the years (from when halo3 was made) 2007 til 2010 I had a few clips of mine that I had laying around in my fileshare and on my hardrive (there would be more clips but I have had around 3 xbox live ‘main’ accounts since 2006-2007, anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the video It was my first time editing a video too and I Used a roxio capture card (I have a hdpvr but have no idea on how to use it lmao). But yeah, enjoy and leave your thoughts below :slight_smile:

Halo3 Rememberance Funtage

I’m so gutted that I did not have a capture card device back in the good old days of Halo3, would of been so epic! but instead I had made videos of halo3 using a mini cannon camera (I was 12-13) hahaha.