Halo3: ODST

I have an issue with Halo3: ODST in the Mission for Uplift Nature Reserve. Once I get into the Warthog and the Wraith start shooting my screen goes almost white to the point I can’t see can details of the terrain to drive any place. This is kind like coming from a hotel and walking out onto a beach noon – you almost can’t see because the Sun is so bright until your eyes adjust or you put on your shades. Unfortunately, I have no fix for this…

This kinds of happens in the previous mission but not to this extent! Now please note that I’ve had my XBOX One soon after lunch and have played about 1/2 dozen games that work just fine without any issues. I’ve also played ALL of the Master Chief and only have an issue here! Online is also fine! And for those who think its the software – I’ve un-installed and re-installed Halo3: ODST twice without any change!

Anyone have any bright ideas?