Halo Zombie Machinima EP1

Here it goes enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34oLmXOCkiU&hd=1

> Here it goes enjoy. video

Pretty good. nice filter for the voices but the actual voice acting could use some work. Still pretty neat.

Nice job! And wow! The visuals are great! What programs did you use for editing and compositing? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. I know voice over was never my strong point. I mainly like doing the effects and scenes.

I use adobe premier and after effects.

Yeah, the effects and the compositing was nicely done, indeed.

I’d say for the voice work, try a little deeper or raspier voice. These spartans have been through a lot it seems from the video. A hoarse voice would do well. Nothing like Master Chief, because you don’t wanna rip him off, but think more military-like in language structure and tone.

Best zombie machinima I have seen for a while, everything was very well done. But I honestly do think voice acting needs to be worked on a bit (Sounding somewhat more serious that its a zombie apocalypse).

I know the voice acting is not the greatest and Ill try to make changes for the next episode.

> I use adobe premier and after effects.

Yeah, I figured as much. :stuck_out_tongue: What about for sound mixing and editing?

adobe soundbooth

wow where did you get those zombies? holy crap that was cool i wish i could do crap like that11 i tried using adope premier but if youve never used it before its a pain in the -Yoink- to learn… :frowning: wish i could figure it out until then i guess im stuck with windows movie maker…

I got them from another game and just edited them in.