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This may be in the wrong place to post this, but I really want your guys opinions on this. The halo montage and MLG community is huge on youtube, but why are there not youtube Halo commentators? If you look at games such as CoD, they have hutch, seananners and a lot of other people.
People that work at machinima and TGN don’t even play halo! Don’t you think that is bad considering that Halo is one of the biggest First person shooters. Me and a few other small youtubers are trying to change this, but are efforts seem to be in vain to make a halo youtube commentary community. Before I get any farther on this point, I am not trying to advertise and I understand if you mark this as spam and ban me from the forums, but I just wanted to know your guys opinions on it because I think its messed up and I’ve been playing halo since the Halo 2 days.

Thanks to all who put in helpful insightful opinions.

I don’t understand. commentary on what exactly?

The reason for lack of Halo commentators is the simple reason that they are not needed. Halo gameplay just isn’t very fun to watch. Playing the game is much more interesting.

I personally hate commentators. I can’t think of anything more pointless than watching someone playing a game while they talk about their day to day lives. It’s just not interesting anymore.

Machinima on the other hand is something I enjoy. I think it takes a lot more effort for you to come up with a solid story, act out that story, film/edit it and finally send it out for the world to see. All commentary is, is dropping an audio file of you talking about some uninteresting garbage while playing the game…most of the time rather badly.

It doesn’t take skill to make a commentary, it takes talent to make it interesting but most of the time companies like Machinima upload such trash it’s unbelievable. I would honestly say do something other than commentary. We don’t need anymore, it’s an old and tired concept that’s just making things worse and worse. I’m sure most of these people have problems in their lives, so why the hell would they want to watch some blubbering moron beg for donations over the internet.

I’ve seen this happen many times and frankly I’m sick of checking my subscriptions box to see it crammed to the point of bursting with more pointless drivel from people like Kootra, Seananners and all those other guys. It takes no skill to drag and drop, but you have to be naturally interesting, and these people are not. Making more is just kind of adding to the annoyance. Fair enough give it a shot by all means, but the chance of actually getting a large audience is incredibly low…and it’s even rarer to find an audience who have one brain cell between them to put a comment saying something other than “lol”

From this point you can probably tell I have a slight dislike for commentators. Well you wouldn’t be wrong…I can’t stand commentators, there’s only ever been one commentator who offers an intelligent argument and can bow down gracefully and admit that he’s wrong and that had to have been Drift0r. Other than him…the rest of them talk a load of bull.

side note, i only uploaded one video to youtube and it was from Halo 3


I’m a core Halo Machinima Director

All my Machinima Works so far are set in the Halo Universe with the exception of HEARTS OF DUSK which is to be a brand-spanking new universe created by me. I direct a Machinima Series called Wings of Equilibria which is set on a kind of Glasslands-esque style of the Halo Universe with my own creative twist to it.

To put it bluntly, Halo Commentary and any FPS Commentary is pointless along with Minecraft Commentary. The Commentators go ahead and talk about their personal lives and this is very VERY boring. I want to see Commentators talk about facts that I did not know in the game and I want them to be proud and exaggerant in their words and grammar. The only Commentators I really like are HuskyStarcraft, TotalBiscuit and Chuggaaconroy. They talk about Starcraft, PC Games and Nintendo Games which is something I love.

There won’t ever be a Halo Commentator like that I suppose. :S

King Sangos then why are there so many machinima sponsored Call of Duty Commentators and most of the people on respawn play CoD and upload CoD commentaries? When that’s the case why isn’t there a place for Halo Commentators? Side note: I love seananners, hutch, xjawz woody, thunder and a lot of other respawn directors.

Halo is extremely interesting to watch. The battles between people are not one second long, so I don’t understand some peoples logic that it’s “less entertaining.”

I would love there to be some commentators. But you know, every community has it’s own perks. It seems no one really cares to do that for Halo. Can you imagine any good Machinima for Call of Duty? No way.

> King Sangos then why are there so many machinima sponsored Call of Duty Commentators and most of the people on respawn play CoD and upload CoD commentaries? When that’s the case why isn’t there a place for Halo Commentators? Side note: I love seananners, hutch, xjawz woody, thunder and a lot of other respawn directors.

Because Call of Duty is what’s in for the Commentary Community. Its the Top FPS Dog so there is no doubt that people will be making Commentaries about it. MachinimaRespawn or Not.

Halo isn’t strictly an FPS Shooter and it is a game that can be easily manipulated into another genre or game style. I could call Halo: Reach - Halo Kart. I could call Halo 3 - Jenga. I could call Halo 2 - Cops & Robbers and I could call Halo: CE - Bumper Cars.

Granted I sometimes feel that there should be some Campaign and Custom Games Commentaries that talk about the Halo Story and what’s new in the Halo Community. Halo: Reach however at this moment is dominant for Machinima. Deserted, Falcon Down, Halo: Legacy, Frostbite and of course (LOLbiasFTW) Wings of Equilibria are all popular Halo: Reach Machinima Series as of this Year.

It’s because the youtube community is filled with CoD fanboys. This mainly because the first ever commentary was done on CoD4, and that the big name commentators promote Call of Duty more than any other game. This results in more people commentating on CoD, which promotes CoD even more.

That’s just the youtube community. It’s been this way for years, and I don’t expect it to change.

I beg to differ with Teh Spearhead. I personally find TobyGames one of the most amazingly funny channel on youtube. Of course there are his main channels which are much funnier.