Halo: Xbox one will no longer be a gateway?

It is my understanding that Halo 4 was created with the idea to make it as accessible to new players as possible. So will the next halo try to pull back in more of the experienced initiated players?

PS: What was with 343 trying to make halo a really fast paced game? They kept bringing it up while working on halo 4? Not all of the halo games were “fast” while they did have some special gravity lifts and jumps to make it fast it was never fast at its core. why did they try to make it faster in halo 4? Was this also to try to make it more accessible. I hope they bring it back to a more methodical type of game instead of a run and gun.

I hope so.

Halo 4 drove away the core fan base and the players they were trying so hard to attract jumped ship to the next popular game coming out.

Halo 5 doesn’t need to be a gateway. It just needs to go back to it’s core and expand from there.

Only then will the original LARGE fan base return, and then other new players will come along with it.

I always thought past Halos already had very good accessible learning curves but it was a learning curve that continued to evolve long into the highest levels of play. I can understand the need for weapon waypoints but not much else.

Specifically in regards to aim assist, Yes it makes it easier to aim but it also means you also die a lot quicker at lower skill levels than you would in past halo games, the aim skill gap kind of served as a buffer for new players to learn things like positioning and awareness without being heavily punished because they don’t die as quick. Remove individual skill and the meta game becomes focused around teamwork, making lone wolfing punishing. Again reducing accessibility…

And any way. We have a matchmaking system, a system that should stop novices playing against veterans. No need to squish everyone into a small skill gap because players of different skill levels shouldn’t be playing each other.