Halo Xbox One Music

I liked the Halo 4 soundtrack a lot- but I’d love to have it mixed up a bit with the original trilogy’s music for the next game.
What do you think? If you want a mix of soundtracks, post in the comments, please.

Halo 3’s soundtrack was by far the best and they implemented it perfectly, remember when FUD landed on The Ark and rich Orchestral music started playing??
Yeah. Best. Ever.

Holy mother, that was surprising.

I’d like a mix of CE and 4, I’d say ODST but Jazz doesn’t fit Chief

Mostly mix of Halo 1/2/3, avoid Reach/4 style of music.

Whatever fits the style, atmosphere and emotional tone of the game? What is it with people and their constant need to have the nostalgia fiddle played for them?

Halo 2 mostly had sad / dramatic music and i liked it’s style

Halo 5’s soundtrack should resemble Halo 2’s and 3’s, with maybe a bit of ODST’s when the mood suits it.

Personally, i hope there is a mix of all soundtracks in Halo 5. However, I HOPE that the Main Menu music has the Halo Chant from either Halo CE or Halo 2. That’s the only thing i want to hear on the menu, not the Halo 4 chant.