Halo Xbox One idea mash -up

Hey guys this is my first time i have ever posted on the forums, but ive been reading them for a while. this will pretty much be a combination of original ideas and my take on other people ideas that i have had since the release of halo 4. so boys and girls, get out your giant bowl of popcorn, make sure youve had your bathroom brake, because this one is going to be pretty long.

i think the main objective at this point is to bring in new players but bring in some of the older players that have since left the game. not only that we should be building off of the foundation halo 4 has set us.

Step 1, fixing sprint: this has been a very contencus point in the community, i do think it slows dow game play, but i think it needs to be in there if new players are going to give the game a second glance. sprint should work like more something to get you from A to B, not get away from the gun fight. to achive this, simply make sprint work like gaining momentum. you start out sprinting, slowly gaining speed until after about 5 seconds your at full sprint. if you make a U turn, you stop sprinting and start the gaining speed proccess all over again. This way they can raise the base movement speed, lower the map size, and sprint will not really come into play unless there is a really long line a sight. you can’t run out of a fight, so i think it would speed up game play. it will decrease arena map size for arena games so it will feel more like halo 1,2 and 3.BTB would now make it more viable to run around on foot then it was before.

Step 2, bringing back old friends: at this point, its been what, 8 years since halo 3 came out and we’ve needed are arby fix. i am pretty confident that he is coming back in halo 5. ive also heard noises about Jun surving reach, and the return of the long awaited Blue team. This is a great oppertunity to expand player customization. instead of picking between Spartan and Elite, we should be able to pick between spartan 2,3,4 and elites. Spartan 2’s and elites would forgo the ability to use armor abilities for DUAL-WEILDING. Spartan 3s and 4s would retain their ability to use armor abilities out of load outs. The idea is that by picking Spartan 2’s or Elites you put more of a focus on map movement, they would be forced to pick up deal wieldable weapons around the map. not only that, but they would also be more hearty, and faster but bigger targets, and have access to equipment(which would provide a more support role than before.) Elites are slightly bigger than Spartan 2s but have access to sticky grenades.Both Elites and Spartan 2’s a 5% movement speed and health buff on the other characters. Spartan 3s, and 4’s are pretty much the same but have different armor and battle effects, spartan 3’s have the ability to use armor abilities 10% longer, spartan 4s can use them 10% more often. the idea is that you have to pick between banking all and getting a bigger reward, or get a slight advantage off the start, but ultimately stay less powerful than than high rollers. They would have the same number of shots to kill with precision weapons, but differ with automatics slightly. But Jet Pack and PV should not be in matchmaking, it would just be way too annoying to go against. This would only be in non-ranked matches, ranked matches would default to all players using Spartan Two character models. oh, and each of the different “races” would have their own set of armor, new and old.

Step 3, ranking: halo 2, halo , really enough said

Step 4, perfecting weapon sets: diversity is the spice of life. so you’ve heard this a million times before, but i’d like to see more creative forerunner weapons, and more distinctions between the UNSC and Covenant weapons, blah, blah, blah. I have a few suggestions weapons wise, here they are:

Long rifle: think halo sniper meets TF2 sniper rifle.
-Bolt action, about 45 rpm
-4 second charge up time(charge starts when rifle scopes in)
-a headshot will will at any charge
-full charge will outright kill a spartan
-heavy damage to vehicle, in turn UNSC sniper becomes far less damaging than the reach, 4 reason
-after 8 seconds, laser appears giving away your location.
-think replacement for binary rifle

-slight increase in bloom
-each body shot does less damage, 3 shots to 4
-headshot only possible when reticle is small enough, it will show headshot symbol by redicle when it is possible.

needle rifle:
-semi-power weapon
-5 shot kill
-bloom implimitation like the DMR

laser designator:
-no longer launches air strike, will designate drop pod insertion after death
-the idea is that it will help break spawn traps
-loud noise, but it is possible to crush people with it( you can steer to a small extent)
-option to provide airstrike available in custom games

double barrel
-cross between mauler, scatter shot, and its double barrel, firing will use both simultaneously
-drawback is short range, map pick up, dual wieldable.

Assault carbine (MA5K)

  • pretty much equals 1.5 smg’s but singe wieldable

gravity gun
-forerunner, pick up and throw players, guns, catch and toss back grenades out of the air, pick up and hearl boxes.

Didactic armor(power up)
-over shield effect with gravity gun ability to replace grenade.
-destroyable with EMP
-no armor ability
-special assassination animations

Flare Gun
-it shoots a flare does some impact damage, then will set off a highly damaging explosion that looks like a fire work after about 3 seconds


Step 5: BTB a big part of the game, larger battles, space battles, the ability to fly the mother ships in space battles(sort of like the elephant but HUGE). Civilian versions of vehicle. the general rule is they provide more cover for the player with overall less vehicle health. you stay in first person in the passenger seats. windows will stop 5 shots from a DMR. when getting in, you have the option to get in the vehicle, provides more cover, you can melee out the window and shoot through. or you can choose to completely rip off the door, provides less cover but gives much wider field to view and shooting.

step 6: Forge on some bigger maps, new pieces, weather effects blah, blah, blah you know the drill.

Step 7: keep the players coming back with Spops. i like the episodic idea, but what if it was based in an open world. think GTA meats halo. I love how GTA provides so much replay ability. still mission based, but you venture out side the base into the surrounding countryside. the chief campaign can be about the forerunners, and Spops about the insurrectionist and covenant.

Step 8, building teams: adding the ability to sight enemies like in battle field, and the ability to designate sub objectives like in portal would just be really nice, especially since no one uses mikes any more.

so yeah, those were my ideas, comment on them, and spread any ideas you guys think will work so 343i will see them. Thanks for reading.