Halo Xbox One Game Types

This is just a quick list of some game types I would like to see in the upcoming Halo game. Some are old game types that were either taken out of Halo 4 or were broken and/or not as enjoyable in Halo 4. Don’t get me wrong 343 did a great job with the time and man power they had and the fact that they were a new studio holding a huge title like Halo in their hands. They’ve gotten a lot of feedback from the community and now we are looking forward unto a new dawn, which is Halo Xbox One.

Now with that said here are some game types that need to be in the new Halo:

(Oddball) - Classic oddball, no more throwing the oddball. Oddball had always been a fun team game type to play. I for one was pretty optimistic when 343 first showcased the Oddball being thrown when they revealed it. But after playing it for quite some time I have come to dislike the throwing mechanism quite a bit. I miss the old oddball and I would wish it to return.

(King of the Hill) - There was some sort of glitch that deemed this game type unplayable in Halo 4 and that was a damn shame. This is a fun game type to play and has been one of my favourites in every Halo game. So it needs to be fixed and put back into Halo.

(Assault) - This is another amazing game type that has been in the Halo franchise since it’s beginnings and I was completely disappointed when I seen that it was not in Halo 4. The amount of time I spent playing this game type in Halo: CE and Halo 2 is insane. I always remember how fun it was on Midship, every game was always very technical, competitive and fun. Please bring it back.

(4v4 Capture The Flag) & (Extraction) - Halo 4 as of now has only a 5v5 CTF playlist. Which is fine but I wish their was a 4v4 Objective Playlist with all these game types listed above and others I may have missed, including this 4v4 CTF and Extraction. These game modes will be played on small arena style maps because I believe that’s what would work best with them.

I would also like to mention that 343 has added some new great game types to the Halo sandbox and I would love to see the return of these also. Game types such as: Extraction (as I’ve mentioned), Ricochet and Regicide.

Another game type I would like to see added to it’s own playlist is:

(Octagon Snipers) - This game is great for warming up, training and testing your skills. I would love to play this every time before I start playing the other playlists or just when I’m in the mood to have a quick game. The only problem is whenever I want to play it I need friends so we can run a custom game and play. It would be amazing just to jump into a playlist and play with random players and test your skills or warm up or whatever. This is a very fun game type and would be a great addition to the matchmaking playlist.

Now for the last part of this post I would like to add a game type that I actually came up with and also another game type that stems from a different FPS game.

I will speak about my game type idea first which is:

  • Golden Sniper -

Each team of 4 has a Golden Sniper where their flag would be if they were playing CTF. Their are two objectives/ways to win in this game. The first way to win is just by playing basic Team Slayer and getting to 50 kills before the other team does or whomever has the most kills at the end of the time limit wins. But the second and most interesting way to either win or get the upper hand on the enemy team is by acquiring the enemy teams Golden Sniper (Or the sniper can correspond to the teams colour if that would work best, so red or blue). Once you acquire the enemy teams Golden Sniper you now have a weapon with a special gift. It has the ability to eliminate enemy players so they do not respawn. The sniper works as any normal sniper but as I just said if you get a kill with it that enemy player you just killed gets eliminated and can not respawn. So if you were to go on a tear with that weapon and take out the whole team then you win that match. This Golden Sniper still only counts as one kill to your score for each kill just like normal. The only difference is it eliminates players from respawn. But both teams have the ability to get each others Golden Snipers and both can eliminate each others teams or even each other. In order to keep the match from just becoming an elimination game their is a way that you can get your eliminated team mates back and let them respawn again. The way you do this is to get your teams Golden Sniper back. Much like CTF when you take out the enemy player with the flag then a return to base timer starts on the Golden Sniper that has been dropped and if a teammate or yourself sits on the Golden Sniper then the timer decreases. Which in turn allows your team to return that weapon back to your base quicker. Once this weapon has returned then the eliminated teammate who was eliminated first gets to respawn. Once your Golden Gun stays at home for an allotted amount of time then another one of your eliminated teammates gets to respawn or if the enemy team takes the sniper and you return then just like before you get another teammate back. I believe this would be a very interesting tactical like game type to play. Just a suggestion that I would like to see implemented. Hopefully 343 thinks the same.

Now for the game type I mentioned that is from another FPS game and I’m pretty positive everyone is going to know this game type when I mention it. So here it is:

  • Gun Game -

Anybody who has ever played Call of Duty will recognize this game type. The reason I mention it on here is because I believe it would be an insanely fun game type to play on Halo. Halo has always had an amazing amount of different styles of weaponry and I would love to see that shown off in this type of game. It’s fast paced, it’s fun and it’s fair to all players because they all have the same weapon chain to climb up to win. For those who have no idea what this game type is I will give a brief explanation on it. So all players start out with a low damage weapon and each kill gives them a better and better weapon (but this is done in the most balanced way possible to keep it fun). Once the final weapon is reached depending on how many weapons the players are required to go through, it could be 10 or 15 weapons before they win or even more depending on what works best. Anyway as I was saying once the final weapon is reached then the player only has to get a kill on this last weapon in order to win. The first player to get to the end of the weapon chain first, wins. As I have said each weapon gets better with every kill you get but the last weapon should be something skillful just to avoid a easy last kill boring ending to the match. With Call of Duty it was usually something with a one shot kill but something that needed skill to use. For Halo I believe this would be the Plasma Grenade, it’s perfect. All you would need to do is get a stick on an enemy player and kill him to win the match. I truly believe this game type would be so sick to play in Halo and I hope it gets put in.

Well that’s it. I tried to make this as concise as possible. I would like to hear your thoughts on these game types. Are there any I missed? Do you have any new game type ideas? Sound off in that -Yoink!- comment section and let me know and hopefully let 343 know.

As long as they make it so you can CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING. Maybe with an advanced customization menu.
And add in every gametype ever made, and then some.