Halo Xbox One Console

Everyone remembers the Halo 4 xbox 360 launch console, with its blue and grey lines
covering a transparent shell and kewl halo features…(and the reach, and H3 console)…they were epic and we were lucky to get three halo themed 360s!!

Now the Xbox one is out…and the new Halo will be a flagship title, do you guys think its likely we will get a launch Halo Xbox one console?

If so, would you buy one??

I am not getting an Xbone untill the cooler games come out (HALO, titanfall, destiny etc) and it would be great to get my hands on a Halo themed console as my first xbox one!

On the subject, what do you guys think it would look like? and what would you like it to look like?

I think it could have a forerunner theme, silver with an orange light for an example,and a special on/off sound from the halo games…just one idea.

Two things:

#1 It’s NOT an “xbone” by any means.
#2 Yes, I am waiting in hopes for one.

If they do create one, I would definitely try to save up for it. I think the console should be cloaked like Chief is in the Halo Xbox One trailer. :wink:

Disgreed with it looking cloaked. I imagine it will be $100 more than the regular one, worth it to me.

> <mark>Disgreed with it looking cloaked.</mark> I imagine it will be $100 more than the regular one, worth it to me.

I was only joking. It probably would be a fire hazard if it were cloaked. lol. As long as the console has some sort of Halo aesthetic, I would probably be fine with the way it looks.