Halo Xbox One and Classic/Arena style Halo

So, Halo 3 is going to be free to download on October 16th. And if we, the community, want to show 343i that we want the future of Halo to follow the classic formula, and not the new-age Halo Reach/Halo 4 formula, this is the time to do it!

Use your gaming time, and our collective population to crush Halo 4! The following is a long, detailed thread of the things that 343i, and we as the community can do to bring Arena-style Halo BACK!

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Lets doo it

I really hope the population gets back to its former glory. Halo 3 hands-down had the best multiplayer experience in my opinion. I can’t wait for it to be revived.

Maybe I’ll split time between 4 and 3 for a little bit, but not completely stop 4 for 3. That doesn’t seem very productive…

Why can’t we just have both?

> Why can’t we just have both?

Because they are 2 different philosophy of shooter. Halo 3 is based around earning everything on the battlefield while Halo 4 is based on empowering the player off spawn. Reach is a bit of a hybrid but didnt really work because of certain AAs and bloom.

343 had a chance to show they could do both with Halo 4. They still can but they wont.

Legendary Slayer was a joke and wasnt classic. Sprint no power ups and no secondary were its main issues.

I’ll give you an example. Halo 4 should have ONE playlist that resembles classic with these settings:

No sprint. 343 can turn this off on their side.

No loadouts.

Radar enabled

Variants for every primary. That means Team BRs, Team DMRS, Team LRs, Team Carbines,Team AR, Team Storm, Team Suppressor. Each with magnum secondary.

Power weapon AND power ups ON MAP.

Arena style maps.

This is basically the dynamic of classic Halo. They could even experiment with AAs on map. Legendary Slayer proved 343 doesnt know what made Halo great.

Honestly I dont think 343 can handle both. If they can then let them prove it with H4 first. I’m willing to deal with flinch if we had ONE, just one playlist like the one I outlined.

I hope H3 gets a revival, I really do. If we show 343 that we love this game they will have to listen (if it beats Halo 4).

It’s kind of funny we have reached a point where even many competitive players would be happy with a new Halo that is much like Halo 3… Back when Halo 3 came out it was sacrilege to claim Halo 3 as a good Halo title.

That being said… at this point I would kill for a game like Halo 3… Reach and Halo 4 were horrid