Halo Xb1 Community Open Registration

All Halo Gamers my name is DoA xLegacyxx or Mike I’m the founder of DoAxGaming Community and we are having open Registration for all types of Halo Gamers to join our growing community of Halo, CoD and etc… Gamers so if you like competitive Halo then we have s spot for you, if you like earning achievements then we have a spot for you either way you will fit in and have someone to play with at all hours of the day 7days a week.

So if you are interested in joining our community feel free to message any of the following Gamertags to get a faster response or register at our website doaxgaming.com and someone will get In touch with You in 24hours but here are some of the requirements to join


  1. A headset is not required but needed if you plan On joining our competitive side
  2. No K/D required
  3. No age limit but we will base you off your maturity
  4. No need to change your gamertag

Here are the following Gamertags to message
DoA xLegacyxx
DoA xSailormoon

Message any of the following Gamertag(s) to get help joining DoAxGaming

Xbox one Gamertag(s)
DoA xLegacyxx

Message any of the following Gamertags they are online now

DoA xLegacyxx