Halo XB1 campaign Ideas Variety is Key

I think many of you would agree that Halo 4’s campaign felt to linear and restrictive compared to previous Halo titles. This is the main thing I want rectified for Halo 5’s campaign. With the new hardware this will be possible. Here are my ideas:
•Non-linear objectives. By this I mean levels like “Halo” in Halo:CE. You could rescue the marines in any order, and each location presented unique combat opportunities.
•Multiple paths to your objectives like Truth and Reconciliation. Do you want to a sneak around the side or go up the middle guns blazing?
•Wide open battlefields like Halo 3’s scarab encounters. Now With the power of XBox One, I expect large battles in open spaces with multiple ways of engaging the enemy: do I want to use the missile pod or go on a mongoose to take down a scarab?
•Multi-faction battles. I miss Halo CE’s 3-4 way UNSC/Covenant/Flood/Sentinel battles. Those were the best. Again, you could sit back till they weakened each other or dive right in.
•Vehicular warfare. This a continuation of wide open battlefields. I want vehicle variety! If I want to use a scorpion against a horde of covenant I can, or I could opt for a mongoose with a rocket-equipped passenger instead.
•Objective Variety. Perhaps the largest complaint I had with Halo 4 was the ridiculous amount of Pressing buttons to reach the next area: it’s so 1995! As for the variety if objectives, lets have marine rescues, kill a certain target, defend the area, retrieve this or that, VARIETY!
•No QTE’s! I do t want to kill the Didact by pressing X!
•No boss battles. Again, so-90’s. they ruin the flow of the game. Take Tartarus for example. They use cheep tricks that take you out of the experience and slaughter immersion. Scarab battles are OK though. Mini bosses, like Brute Chieftains or Elite Zealots are OK.
That about covers my wishes. If I think of anything else I’ll add them to the OP. please share your ideas of how 343 can make the best Halo campaign yet. (It might be to late for Halo XBox One, but not for the titles that follow.)

I agree with most of them, but some like no boss battles are bad ideas

Random: Can we have a true snowy mission again? We haven’t had one since Halo 3… In ODST it was just New Mombasa, in Reach the only snow level (Sword Base and then the same map in The Package) was mostly just a desert until that last part (which was amazing!). Then in Halo 4 the closest thing to a snowy level we saw was the mission with the Pelican (Shutdown, was it?) but that was just the very back background. Hopefully 343i corrects this wrong in Halo 5.

EDIT: On topic, yes to everything. I want my Scarabs back, or some awesome Forerunner equivalent, and I want HUGE vehicular battles that are truly next gen.

> I agree with most of them, but some like no boss battles are bad ideas

I agree on this point. If done well, boss battles can be truly fun and definitely a nice change of pace. They definitely shouldn’t be bullet sponges (like Tartarus) but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make them well. Sometimes I don’t want to see the main enemy die in a cutscene, sometimes I want to smack the -Yoink- out of him myself. Remember Guilty Spark in Halo 3, that was a great boss battle.

I know! We could make the player press 3 buttons in any order they please to progress! That hasn’t been done before :wink:

All seriousness, we need scale. Scarabs are to this day the best bosses I’ve fought in a shooter. They need to return.

That ‘‘massive battle’’ system we saw in early Reach prototypes would be cool, literally driving into a massive battlefield and being a part of a proper assault (Storm the beach sort of thing) would be incredible and it could be a proper planned assault, perhaps you have to get in a heavily fortified fortress, open the gates to let in Marines, and kind of follow a plan in the form of dynamic objectives.

That’s my idea. We need more unique objectives.

Op, preserve this topic whenever you can, you cannot let the flames die out!

I am preparing a post of epic proportions, which might take a while to be posted… Halo 4 is linear and at the same time, open. It’s a lot merciful than Halo 3 and Reach. But just because it is open does not make it so great.

If you cannot progress with the mission, what’s the point of skipping?
If you cannot find a place to land, what’s the point of launching?
If most out of maps absolutely requires Co-op play, where’s the fun in achievement?


Could you please separate each suggestion with a new line? Having them all mashed together makes it annoying to read and makes it difficult to criticize/complement.