Halo would Benefit from COD-Zombies-Esque Flood FIrefight with new gameplay features

Before anybody says, “Hey you’re just a COD fanboy” or “No it would ruin Halo”, Hear me out.:

Been Playing Halo since 2001, 10,000 plus multiplayer games played etc…

Having a Separate set of game modes would allow players to enjoy BOTH the original Halo Arena style gameplay AND have the option to play a more tactical, in depth gameplay with Spartan Abilities, Classes and Modifiers similar to an enhanced version of what Halo 4 introduced to increase the Sandbox variety available


This would blend classic Firefight with ( some ) elements that COD zombies introduced: Wave based Flood survival coupled with new gameplay mechanics such as regions that can be unlocked through the firefight map, portals to jump to different map subsections ( this is lore consistent ), Spartan upgrades in map that players can access as they push back the flood, with sections inspired by “The LIbrary”, The Halo 3 Cortana mission on HIgh Charity, and more. Players would be tasked with Clearing out Flood Biomass, using flamethrowers, rescuing pinned down marines under attack by the flood, and traversal of labyrinthian passageways in a Forerunner fortress, biolab, sentinel factory, Ring power subsystems and other regions. This mode could also draw some inspiration from the Raids/Strikes in Destiny in terms of the co-op experience being an exploration into “zones” with various subsections that keep the player engaged in changing environments

  • Players could receive assistance from a friendly forerunner ( perhaps the benevolent montor from Genesis ) construct that guides them through the Flood Firefight experience similar to how 343 Guilty Spark guided players through the Library missionin Halo CE.

  • As players progress through the Flood firefight level you could reach sections that have upgraded forerunner weapons, Forerunner tech augmentations that boost the Spartan’s suits to be more resistant to the flood, sections where you can call in support from AI ODSTS and use squad commands, and the ability to use various interactive map dynamics to help fight off waves of the flood with slowly increasing difficulty

  • Map Hazards such as Wind, Lightning, Hostile Sentinels that have to be defeated to aquire their power cells that power forerunner weapons, giving the player new equipment and tools to aquire throughout the firefight mission that evens the odds against the flood

  • Example of Tasks during flood firefight:

A. Players must fight through the deep interior of the Ring to reach a Forerunner Factory to acquire a Forerunner personal shield device that gives added resistance to physical ( Melee attacks ) from the flood. This shielding would be Blue to differentiate itself from standard Spartan shielding

B. Players must assist the Forerunner AI construct to lock down a Forerunner ship bay to prevent the Flood from capturing a Forerunner Fleet vessel that the flood intend to use to reach other star systems. Players would have to first reach the Docking Bay through large tunnel systems ( like those from the Assault on the Control Room Level ), Clear the sides of the docking bay of Flood to reach the Forerunner ship, and breach the interior to destroy a Gravemind that is harvesting the Biomass it needs to operate the vessel. Successfully defeating the Proto-Gravemind and it’s bolstered forces rewards the players with Forerunner tech from the ship that can be used in the Next Flood Mission ( or next sections of missions )

C. The map design for some of the Flood Firefight missions could also be inspired by Metroid Prime and Doom, where it features more labyrinthian level design and exploration and require players to unlock sections with the Forerunner equivalent of the Keycards from games like Doom/Quake, and the level/mission could culminate in a “Boss Fight” similar to the creature boss fights in Metroid Prime, except the “Boss” would be a unique large, powerful Flood form that requires unique game mechanics and teamwork to defeat ( such as weakpoints on the flood boss, or by using subsystems to electrocute the flood to increase damage against it, or perhaps attempt to teleport the flood boss into a large stasis vessel that the UNSC can use to research the flood )

D. Flood Firefight could introduce new weaponry and equipment such as Bringing back an Upgraded version of the HALO CE Assault Rifle, Albeit with the better range and accuracy of the Halo Infinite AR, but featuring a 60 or 90 rnd Mag and sound design that blends the sound of the Halo CE assault rifle with perhaps something like the Pulse Rifle from Aliens, giving the player higher capacity equipment to content with the large volume of Flood units they encounter in these missions

E. Introduction of the Jackal Shield as a Usable defensive weapon/Equipment, with access to the Jackal shield provided by the Installation Monitor overriding the Shield from shutting down when humans try to use it ( Since the Banished could make it so that only their forces can use certain equipment as a Lore element )

F. Various Intervals in the Flood Firefight experience could have open areas at “checkpoints” where players could request reinforcements via a Pelican ( or the Infinity’s ability to teleport weapon pods ) to the player locations as a reward for successfully completing as section

G. Sections in Flood Firefight inspired by the Warthog Run in “The Maw” where the final section of the specific Flood FIrefight mission could culminate with an escape run Via Warthog to evacuate a Facility after setting a nuke ( or other device ) at a location to decimate the flood presense there

H. Flood Firefight could tie into the main campaign ( future campaign DLC ) in that unlocking tech or items acquired from destroying the flood could then be usable in the main campaigns, giving players a sense of progression and reward and tying together the Flood Firefight and Campaign into a seamless experience where playing one mode rewards you with unlocks for another mode:

EXAMPLE: The friendly installation monitor tasks you with infiltrating a Forerunner dockyard deep inside ZETA HALO that has a Fleet vessel that the flood are developing a proto gravemind in. Successfully retaking the Forerunner vessel gives you access to a Cartographer on the ship that unlocks a new location in the main campaign, perhaps the location of a Shield World which progresses the main storyline, opening up a new region to explore etc…

I Mission: Players must retake a control center deep inside the structure of Zeta Halo that has been overrun by flood to unlock the Teleportation system on the ring. Doing so allows players to use teleporters at certain intervals to fast travel back towards the front lines against the flood after rearming ( or changing loadouts at an FOB ) , and also return to base ( an upgraded FOB, or maybe a planetside Frigate ) in order to take a break between sections of the flood firefight mission. For example: Your Co-op team unlock Teleportation Node in xyz region, you can fast travel back to base to grab rockets, ammo, marines and other gear and then use it to return back to the most recent section in the map/mission to further progress

These are just a few Ideas I have for this mode, and just decided to see how receptive players would be to a Complex mode featuring the flood that feels rewarding and requires the use of teamwork, various map interactivity and a more linear/labyrinthian feel than open areas ( although it could include open world sections that are linked together by more linear sections like Tunnels, Canyons, fortresses, containment zones, Walls and substructures inside the Halo Ring, Shield world or other facilities

This “Flood Firegiht” mode could also have variations for other factions such as the Banished or Prometheans where you have to board a Banished Vessel and detonate A Nuke on board, or infiltrating a stronghold that has remnants of the created and Promethean forces. It would be a hybrid of Firefight coupled with Mission and objective based gameplay, although players should have the option to play it as ONLY a wave based survival mode if they wish to do so