Halo World Championship

Does anyone want to join my team for the Halo World Championship? Tell me whether or not you can voice chat too

Edit: Also state how old you are because I don’t want people too far out of my age group. I’m 13

Also make sure that you’re good at team arena because that’s what we’ll be playing both in practice and I think in the championships.

sorry For my bad English :smiley: if you want i can! I’m italian but i can speak English

Sure i’ve been looking for a competitive team for Halo. My gt is Tbh Infierno I speak English and I am from the states
Im good at Swat (diamond 1), Breakout Silver 3 slayer Silver tier My K/D is a 1.105. I am good with the BR and magnum because of swat I have 55 win percentage 2229 kills 1806 head shot. I mostly play breakout in my free time I have won 125 games and lost 102 feel free to invite me through xbox one I play in the evenings and on weekends

Hey I’m down if you are still needing a guy. GT TheFlashPanda. You can check my stats I’m a team player as well

Make sure you read my last 2 edits just to be sure. I don’t want anyone too far out of my age group.