Halo wont read save game

Hey all.

Got hooked on halo when I got my original xbox a year or so ago. Skip to the current day I have the whole trilogy and reach, yet I can’t enjoy 3 or Reach on my own because despite playing the campaigns to certain points and reading up on how to save the games, they never do. Or atleast, they do but never use them.

I tried to continue my save game on reach I began yesterday, getting to the point where the Noble team discover that…purplish/blueish spot, but where the covenant are gavering. On the next chance I had, I saved and quit to the lobby, take the disc out and turn of my xbox. Come to it today willing to continue, but when reach loads, no option. No customized service tags, no custom icon, no “Resume game” option. What…?

What’s irritating is it does the EXACT same thing on Halo 3, litteraly every thing reach does, and i’s done this EVERY time since getting either games. I’m told it could be the harddisk, but I’ve formatted it and it should be tested working regardless… I have a memory card too (256mb) but doesn’t change a damn thing. Also I heard it could be the clock being reset, and often I find my console does (after testing other 360s, mind you) and I know there’s a capacitor to store the CMOS date, but even making this date higher than the last save, noting.

Obviously I’m peeved about this, but does anyone have a clue to what’s going on?
Any support greatly appreciated.

Are you actually signed into a Xbox profile?

Yeah, I know I’ve made that mistake before. I’ve just gotten to meet Halsey again, but without the HDD, just using a Memory card, I’ll see if it saves right.

UPDATE: Nope, not a harddrive issue. The date often gets wrong on my 360, is it possible a wrong date will cause the saves to not load?

UPDATE 2: It is the date, resets whenever the console is switched off, and I mean “soft off”, I keep it plugged in the mains always.

UPDATE 3: Nope, not even the date seemed to affect the thing… -_-;