Halo won't find my Crimson map Pack purchas

I purchased the Crimson Map pack in December and played a few matches with it. After a week or so, whenever I loaded up halo it said that it can’t validate it and that it can’t find the War Games pass. I never purchased the War Games pass, but I did purchase the Crimson Map Pack. In matchmaking, there is a notification next to the Crimson DLC option there that will take me to the xbox marketplace to purchase it.

I’ve tried redownloading it, I’ve tried deleting it from the hard drive clearing the cache and redownloading it. I’ve also tried calling xbox support and they had me walk through those steps again. Their final suggestion was to post here for help.

It’s possible that you “purchased” the Crimson Map pack when it was free for a week or so in the middle of December. It was not intended to be free, as an error occurred, so they made it so that players who had downloaded the map pack were only doing a “trial” and took away the rights to continue playing after that period was over.

So, you should first check your download history by going to Account Management and to Download history on you Xbox Live account. Try re-downloading the map pack. If nothing is there, you would have to try calling Xbox Live support again see if they have a record of your purchase.

I’m not familiar with any validation issues with purchasing it. As said before, it could be a bug resulting from what I mentioned above. I’m not completely sure as to why Xbox Live Support referenced you to here. It’s possible that they wanted you to post in the “bugs” thread stickied at the top of this particular forum.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I had the same feeling that it was possible that I purchased it while it was free, but I’m pretty sure it costed me the 800 points. I do see it in my download history, and that’s where I’ve redownloaded it again from. I’ll see if I can dig around anywhere on the website and find out if it indeed did subtract the 800 MS points or not.