halo will always be the god of games

It may not be what it used to be but push aside the issues and look at what they have gave us

They gave us absolute -Yoink-. MCC is inexcusable, that’s what they gave us. A game full of broken promises.

They gave us a game that preyed on our nostalgia and promised things it was never capable of.

The bug list is in the hundreds and 343i gives us more achievements that probably won’t unlock for modes we cannot play.

If you aren’t upset about what you were sold here I can only assume you are mentally handicapped or some sort of masochist.

(…or Troll)

halo is the best evar!!!

Maybe, but right now, it’s the re-tarded step-child of games.

(Pardon my spelling. Waypoint auto-changed the real word to “limited”. lol)