halo weapons infinite (proof to support)

in the first trailer, we see 4 marines, 2 BRs.

in the second trailer, we see the spartan with an AR.

already two weapons are present, both are black and gray

It’s important to note that the battle rifles from the first teaser may be subject to a design change, similar to how Chief’s helmet was altered drastically. I’d love to see how they look in the current state of development, though!

Wouldn’t it be nice if human weapons were colored like actual guns…

I think it’s almost a foregone conclusion that all the fan favorites, particularly in the UNSC armory, will be coming back. As someone who loves both the BR and DMR, I think them existing in the same game hasn’t ever done either of them any favors, but they’ll both more than likely return to prevent fan outcry at any exclusions.