Halo WC REQ pack problem

So, my friends didn’t have Xbox ones and they wanted stuff for halo since they were about to get their consoles. They put their accounts on my system, and when they got their own console, I deleted them off of my console. When it was time to get the Halo WC 2016 pack on Sunday March 21st, my friend installed the pack a few seconds before I clicked to install it myself. It then popped up on my screen saying that it had installed. I hadn’t installed it myself, so I was confused, and when I found it in the store it just said launch instead of install/purchase. I checked in game and saw that the REQ pack was not appearing for me, if I deleted the pack off of my console and re-installed it, it would still be missing. I asked Microsoft support for help, but everything we tried failed and the REQ pack is on my console, but my account doesn’t have access to it. Would there be any way to correct this and somehow manage to get my account the pack?

I don’t think there is OP sorry. You needed to have purchased it from the store yourself to get a licence added to your account. In cases like this where you can’t do it via your X1, you can always go to Xbox.com and make the purchase there