Was it really necessary to remove regular FFA and replace it with WC rules? Seriously? There are people who like to play the game casually and could care less about professional level competition… Couldnt there have been both?

My favorite game mode has been replaced with rules I don’t even want. Now i’m forced to play 10+ minute games with no secondary and no deathcam, on less maps. Way to suck the last amount of fun out of an already frustrating gametype.

I get it you’re trying to promote the microsoft store tournaments but why did you have to remove regular FFA? Thanks a lot 343.

While I can agree removing regular FFA is lame but pretty sure this is only temporary. I am considering going to a Microsoft store to participate but don’t know if the like 2 or 3 hour drive will be worth it.

Please use this thread for discussing the new FFA.