Halo Waypoint Web Update - 9.30.2013

On 9.30.2013, we deployed an update which addressed some issues on Halo Waypoint. Below is the complete change list.

  • Links to personal bests are fixed.
  • Member search feature has been fixed.
  • Forum sections are properly separated between community and game sections.
  • Screenshots containing “…” in the name will no longer return a service error when you attempt to download them.
  • Halo: Reach File Share “details” fields are now easily readable and able to accept input.
  • Double header fixed when looking at game details via Google Chrome browser.
  • SmartGlass no longer errors out when navigating to Spartan Ops.
  • Halo: Anniversary Skulls should now be showing on Halowaypoint.com. If you are still not seeing them, you may have a corrupted profile.
  • Halo Wars is listed only as an Xbox 360 game.
  • Halo: Anniversary achievements now load correctly.
  • Community and Store pages display “Load More” button again.

Would it be possible to search over 100 of a person’s posts?