Halo Waypoint Updates 6/30/15


  • You can now navigate directly to Forums from our top nav alongside Channel, Games, etc - Added OP tag to highlight the original poster in a forum topicForum Notifications
    Starting today you will be able to follow a topic and receive email notifications when that topic receives a reply. You can follow a topic by clicking the “follow” button when viewing a topic. To receive email notifications, you can now enter an email address and notification frequency on the user profile page. Here’s a little more information about this feature:

  • The Favorite Topics page has become the Followed Topics page. Your old favorites are now your followed topics. - You can now change your email address at any time. All you have to do is overwrite the old email address and complete the verification process again. - When following a topic, you will receive email notifications only when someone has replied to that topic since your previous notification.

  • If you subscribe to hourly notifications, you will receive emails on the hour - If you subscribe to daily notifications, you will receive emails every day at noon Pacific. - If you subscribe to weekly notifications, you will receive emails at noon Pacific on Fridays.

I’m really liking these latest updates to Waypoint.

Oh KP, you and the team have just made a LOT of people happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this feature back! :smiley:

The OP tag is real nice.

Also Waypoint is starting to feel like it did before the update again. xD Features are returning.

Awesome ! Nice work !

Thanks for the additions to the site, you guys are awesome!


I saw that! :slight_smile:

@KP One request to add on to forum post notifications - would it be possible to have an opt-in setting for Private Messages? Default would be off, but on opting in you’d get an email on each PM you recieve.