Halo Waypoint Updates 6/1/15


  • Text editor functionality improved in forums posts and profiles - Added free text field for, “Other” reporting option - Added ability to view the private message being replied to - “Last post” field when viewing topic list now indicates the author of the most recent postGames:

  • Added support for the Halo 3: ODST Campaign in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection service recordStability:

  • General bug fixes

I think you guys just hit one everything that I’ve been looking to have fixed - specifically being able to see the original text of a PM. Being able to add a more descriptive report to a reported post is also very welcome. Sometimes the options we have just don’t cover it. Great stuff, thanks :slight_smile:

edit Whoo! Finally able to quote and add URL’s on my Windows Phone <3

Great update, now I’m just waiting for advanced member stats to come back… Hopefully those are inbound soon!


I did miss the last post by feature after the last Major update that changed the whole thing.

I’m happy that text functionality has been improved for mobile devices as well.