Halo Waypoint UI

Does anyone think the current UI and layout of Waypoint is way more annoying to traverse? I feel like I get much more lost on the website trying to find the simplest of things, also the forums selection icons for topics has been broken for me for quite awhile now. I understand this isnt where devs hang out as much anymore since things like Reddit or Twitter have many more users, but I do think this stuff should still be addressed at some point

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Yeah same here. They’ve all been enlarged and they clip into each other. It looks bad.

Yup. I can’t even figure out how to edit forum posts. The pencil isn’t showing up anywhere. I’ve been on these forums since Halo 4 came out and they’ve never been this hard to use. This is ridiculous.

I’m trying to figure out how to make a post on a topic, but I can’t find any answers as to how