Halo Waypoint soon to be like CoD Elite?

I’m not sure if this is true or not. But what I’ve heard recently, Halo Waypoint will be like CoD Elite. However, it would be free instead of paying.

Youtube Video: Anoj Explains Halo 4
(Yeah, I know Anoj is a month late on this topic. But when he mentioned Halo Waypoint, it got me interested to know.)

(Note: You can find the answer on the 2nd Page below the Master Chief comparison picture.)

I acknowledge that I could be wrong. But I would like somebody or even 343i shed some light on this topic.

If 343i did this, what would you do?

Halo Waypoint existed way before CoD Elite.

> Halo Waypoint existed way before CoD Elite.

True. However, I wondering if Halo Waypoint will upgrade to be like CoD Elite, but better.