Halo Waypoint ranking up? easiest way

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Ranking up, don’t want to be bothersome to others.

Just trying to rank up on this fastest possible for Spartan company.

couple posts here and there, just away enough to not be involved with the serious problems on there.

Like I don’t have anything to say ok those posts, but I do want to rank my waypoint.

not great at halo, but I’m decent.

Hows everyone’s day viewing this?

I’m doing good myself.


I will reach onyx

What rank is onyx?

I know its higher the diamond but what is it in UNSC?

something for me to think about



Gameplay not entirely what I expected

Wooo halo is fun

up to silver now

almost gold 7 more

just lonely I guess

the Spartan I was is no longer the Spartan I am, master chiefs story represents me as if explained as a romance.