Halo Waypoint Player Model Problem

Hey bromigos I just wanted to ask you guys, what’s up with my Spartan model? Does anybody use Halo Waypoint for the Xbox 360? Well, everytime I go to career stats, it shows a picture of the default steel-colored starter Spartan wearing the Mk. V helmet and I just wanted to find out if it was supposed to be a picture of my Spartan or just the picture of Noble 6. I also have the Waypoint app for my phone, the LG Quantum Windows Phone, and I still can’t see my own personally customized Spartan-dude!
I didn’t really care that much for the situation since I thought it would get fixed later on as I used Waypoint, but now it’s pretty irritating. I’ve posted this before and didn’t really get answers. Not just because I posted this on Bungie by accident because I didn’t really no squat about the whole Waypoint.com forums, but most of the people just replied “this problem never happened to me because I friggin’ HATE WAYPOINT!!1” while one guy suggested it could’ve had something to do with my connection.
I don’t really think that it’s because of my connection because I have the app for my phone and I still see the default Spartan, and I don’t really have a bad connection because everytime I use something that needs a strong connection, everything works out perfectly! And I’ve had to buy a few routers left and right so yea…
If anyone can send me a link to a picture (non-photoshopped) of a Spartan model being seen on the TV screen for Waypoint on Xbox or on the phone app or just tell me that their Spartan is supposed to be there instead of Noble 6 (default Spartan) or any suggestions on how I can fix this problem, please post away man.

It is most likely what your Spartan looked like a LONG time ago, they haven’t auto-updated for a long time.

It will most likely auto-update when the Waypoint updates come out for Site, Mobile and Console.

thanks man i appreciate it