HALO waypoint player card not displayed

Its probably not new to anyone that halowaypoint is not displaying your halo 4 player card correctly. If 343 can fix this problem not immediately but soon that would be just awesome. Thanks for your time
Sincerely ALLEN

Hi SpartanAll3N227,

If you could please answer some questions, it would assist us in our investigation.

[/li]- Is this issue occurring in the Halo 4 stats app or the Waypoint app for Xbox 360?

  • What aspects of the player card are not displaying correctly?

So for me I seem to have the issue of emblems updating later it take 2-12 days before my emblem changes to what it is and also My Halo 4 Player card is still the default spartan 4… instead of my actual player model in game… I was wondering if any one else had the same problem… I also made a post about it on my Tumbler blog and so far I am the only one with these issues… 343 would you please fix this for me :slight_smile:

PS: when I view some of my friends waypoints there models don’t work either but some of them do… Also this Happens both on the Halo waypoint website for PC and the Xbox 360 app of waypoint…

We hope the reason we haven’t heard back from you is because your issue has been resolved. If your has not been resolved, please start a new thread.

Hi it’s me X007,

Could you please start a new thread describing in detail the issue that you are experiencing?