Halo waypoint on the 360 games, this website info?

like most people i have been going back completing all the games for achievements and been going through all information to having a read of all extras and watching info

on halo waypoint, nothing seems to load, is this due to the reason that its going to eventually shut down, i click on some stuff and the loading screen comes up and takes forever

some other problems i experience are, when i go on it on halo anniversary it only seems to how me stats for halo 4, no other games

on halo 4 xbox 360, the halo waypoint takes me to somewhere different then anniversary does

am i to just get that we have all moved to MCC now, and stats only come from that

I’m trying to get to 1,000 war games in H4 - and also to complete the H3 campaign on solo Legendary to show on Waypoint.

I want these reflected on my service record too.
I hope it gets fixed.