Halo waypoint Not track MCC progress

My friend and I played through the Halo 3 LASO and I was the only one to get the achievement. The devs so far have been seemingly uninterested in fixing this issue. However upon further investigation I noticed Halo waypoint was showing he hadn’t played MCC at all and has never unlocked a achievement neither of which are true. Originally I thought the reason might be that he has his privacy set to closed which he does but waypoint is tracking his other halo games just fine. And inside halo MCC under its built in achievemt tracker it says he’s completed 11/11. Anyone know of a fix?

MCC is much more susceptible to privacy restrictions than the other games. I don’t remember the exact settings, but to use the online service record, your friend will need to adjust the settings relating to who can see his game history and other pertinent data.

As for the playlist itself, did he complete the missions out of order? For example, when starting the playlist, did it begin with Arrival or Sierra 117? If Sierra 117 happened first and he didn’t restart the playlist until finishing it, then he wouldn’t receive credit. Completing a playlist out of order will not unlock it until the final mission of the playlist is completed. Thus, your friend’s options for earning the achievement are as follows:

  • Complete the playlist over again. The achievement will unlock after Epilogue is completed. - Find someone in the community who has a later save in the Halo 3 LASO playlist, have that person share the save, then finish the playlist from there.Either way, it can be done, but it is a bit of a pain. If possible, I would like to help form a repository of late playlist saves for the LASO playlists to help others with this issue in the future. Currently, I have a save for Halo 2 LASO (which has this issue far more frequently because of The Heretic and The Armory being skipped when starting the playlist on Co-op), but I’m always looking for the other playlists, so if your friend would be willing to contact me to share his save when he reaches the end of the playlist, I, and many others suffering from this issue, would be very grateful.

Sorry your friend has to go through this trouble, but I wish him luck with resolving the issue.

And to share the save for the LASO all he needs to do is start the mission or?

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> And to share the save for the LASO all he needs to do is start the mission or?

Yeah. Basically, he would join the lobby of the player with the save, have them start and end it, and then continue on his own. It’s pretty simple, but it does require having someone else who is already partway through the playlist.

Hopefully you can find someone else going for the achievement. TrueAchievements might be a good way to find someone, but I’m not sure.