Halo Waypoint moderators suck

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I’m getting real tired of the Moderators. They flag everything as spam or inappropriate, constantly harass people, and are banning people every five seconds. And for what? The people they are banning are just trying to recruit for a clan or talk about a new game type and what-not. Then these over-sensitive jack-wagon’s come over and ban us. Loosen you your grip on the forums.

Since you posted in this thread, I’m sure you have seen my response there. I can assure you, the same rules apply to your clan as well.

Here are just a couple examples where you’ve been told to stick to your original thread:


That’s twice you’ve been provided with the Recruiting section information and twice you’ve completely disregarded the forum rules. We are not “over-sensitive jack wagon’s” that are sitting around waiting to ban you. I assure you we all have plenty of other things we’d rather be doing than having to deal with repeat offenders of the same infraction.

However, if you’d like to join our “Frequent Flyer” program, by all means, continue to ignore the rules that are very clearly labeled at the top of the section and make your own threads. I can tell you it won’t end well for it however now you can say you’ve received ample warning.