Halo Waypoint Mobile App?

I understand that as of Aug 1,2014, mobile app was going to be very limited, but I thought there would still be some features that would still work. Does anyone know if the mobile app still works at all? Or is it completely done? Mine does not do anything. Thank you!

What issues are you having with the app? It should still function (apart from what was mentioned in the Aug 1st topic).

When I attempt to get into the app (iPhone 4S), it trys to boot, but after 30 seconds or so says, “Unable to reach the Halo Waypoint services. Check your network connection and then start the app again.”
I have been having this problem for 2-4 weeks and can’t get past that message. I don’t think it’s my network connection…all my other apps and devices connect and work fine.

I am having the same issue. I suppose this is happening because the app’s main priority is stats, although it is pretty convinient to use for the forums as well. No stats probably means no app because it cannot connect to waypoint systems so it can only return an error message and prevent further use.