Halo Waypoint gets updated, and my legacy stats go into the void once again

It’s a old road I been down a many times. It never gets easier though. Is this the last time I will see stats for Halo 2 or 3 on my profile? Probably not. But my heart aches every time. Wondering when the time will come that I get a “We’re sorry sir, but you never played a Halo game before and any rewards are now revoked.”

Same here, I even played a few games on H3 to refresh but they are gone… :confused:

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I was thinking of trying that for giggles. But thanks for ironing that wrinkle for me. Not worried though, for the whole original (for years pretty much) Bungie to Waypoint server transfer, I recall never having Halo 2 on my profile, but my old account name was still “active” on Waypoint somehow with all my Halo 2 stats. Even though it was all the same profile. It was eventually all fixed… Eventually. This new site is buggy enough that i’m confident in what it doesn’t show. My email is listed as a @waypoint.invalid for instance. Can’t be changed. Also my HCE:A progress is like a few billion objects scanned and such. LOL

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I appreciate you! I went to test this earlier but was unfortunately unable to get into a Halo 3 game.

I was able to complete a Halo: Reach game however and upon refresh can confirm my stats did not update/reappear on Waypoint vNext. This method of getting up to date data on the prior version of Waypoint did work, so it doesn’t appear to be working here.

Hopefully that means 343i will be able to address it and fix it in the future, given the shutdown of the legacy servers we won’t even have the ability to play a game to get updated data to the site in January 2022.

Yup same thing here. The old Waypoint had all of my stats, but with the changeover I have zero stats showing for H3, ODST, Reach. All I see is a small triangle with an exclamation point in the center for those titles. Really stinks that 343 cannot get these stats transferred correctly. Maybe it will happen.

MCC and H5 are affected too my service records are broken/inaccurate… I was proud of those stats :frowning: