Halo Waypoint Freeze Issue on Xbox 360

Obligatory daily post about this issue…

Same issue as described dozens of times on this forum, does anyone from 343i even read posts here? I messaged Xbox Support but they directed me here. Really great experience basically having no support for an app that’s part of the biggest franchise on Xbox. I guess this is just as well-supported as the Master Chief Collection.

Just saying but I bet this wouldn’t happen if Bungie were still the Halo team.

There is an active conversation on this topic here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/386c0102f55b48a3a0cc5412c3714e02/topics/halo-waypoint-not-working-on-the-xbox-360/b49353de-43be-4567-9a56-667bd5977432/posts I would recommend keeping conversation in that topic. If you want 343 to notice this issue, it’s a lot easier to read a single thread with multiple replies than scattered singular posts.

Also, I believe they quit supporting the app in August of 2014 so it’s unlikely this will be changed to your satisfaction. Sorry about the bad news.

Happy Haloing!

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Hey thanks I was recommended to make a post on here by @XboxSupport that’s why I made a new post, I’ll check the other one out.

I’d be ok with the end-of-support reasoning if: 1) 343i actually said this officially to us here and 2) removed their broken app from the Xbox store.

my game froze after a pretty good match and i was force to quit the entire halo game .when i reloaded i was banned for( 23:50:17 ) i feel this is unfair seeing is how i cannot keep halo from glitching after arena matches