Halo Waypoint Forum Rules

Before posting, please read all the rules and guidelines governing our forums here:

Halo Waypoint Forum Guidelines

Here are a few basic dos and don’ts:

[/li]- Do not flame or attack fellow forum members. Discussion and heated debates are fine; name calling, personal attacks, and stat-flaming (to name just a few) are not.

  • Do not bypass the profanity filter.

  • Do not discuss or post links to inappropriate content. This includes all forms of media such as websites, pictures, videos, magazines scans, and leaked content, real or fake.

  • Do not post content that could be considered bumping, advertising, spam, or any other form of unauthorized solicitation.

  • Do not promote cheating or griefing.

  • Do not discuss modifying or hacking content on an Xbox console.

  • Do not discuss things unrelated to Halo or video gaming.

  • Do not impersonate others with your posts, profile, or username. This includes but is not limited to Administrators, 343 Industries employees, and Bungie employees.

  • Do not engage users who are trolling.

  • Do treat all forum members with courtesy and respect.

  • Do report posts that do not abide by one or more of the above guidelines.

Updated 10.2.11.