Halo Waypoint Favicon!

Hi all,

I’m hoping this sort of topic is allowed and that this is the right place. Having been browsing these forms for a week or so now I’ve been enjoying the great threads and even in the last week I’ve noticed just how many users there are here. The other thing I’ve noticed is that these forms don’t have a site favicon (the 16px by 16px logo you see at the top of your browser for the site). To me, this is one of those little things that could be easily completed.

I’d be interested to see what the people on this forum can come up with. My own attempt at a suitable favicon is here: http://img855.imageshack.us/f/waypointfavicon.jpg/

I know I’m not the best artist but it seemed like something relevant and simple. I’m sure others could do better and who knows, maybe someone from 343 will see someone’s icon and look into get it implemented!

Looks great!

> Looks great!


So that is what those things are called! I’ve always wanted to know. And have now been enlightened. Thanks. xP

I think other parts of the Waypoint website do have those icons, but just not the forums. Perhaps it has something to do with them being in the Beta stage?

Yes you are correct, the other parts of the site do have the favicon. I’m sure eventually the forums will have it.