Halo Waypoint Desktops!

Hey everyone,

I made a thread like this months ago, but if you have any Halo related desktops you would like to share, do so here! The community has made a lot of awesome desktops in the past and Im curious what new desktops have been made since the release of Halo 4.

Personally, Im looking for the Halo Waypoint Forum background so if anyone can help me out as well that would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Happy Posting!

I personally went straight to Google Images and typed in halo 3 odst themed wallpapers. I found four that I liked and put them on a 5 minute rotation as my background.

On topic: I searched up halo waypoint themed wallpapers and I couldn’t find anything that looked like the current backround.

Do you mean this?

> Do you mean this?

Have been looking for this for a while thanks

OT: I Have the Halo 4 terminal consept art on a 3 minute rotation

  • some Halo 4 art stuff from the Halo Bulletins

These are my Reach-era ones. I definitely plan on making some new content once Halo 4’s File Browser comes online.

The snow-soaked security spire stands shivering with its steel siblings.

Do Look Down
Though the purposes of most Forerunner structures are unknown, the design goal for this tower is clear: “No one gets out alive.”

Near the remains of one wrecked generator, a Spartan attempts to stop an attacking Elite from reaching the two that remain. Reach Beta FTW.

The Relay
Reach’s Visegrad Relay outpost. In an unusual move, the Covenant would begin their invasion by covertly inserting infantry into the surrounding countryside.

The Divine Creator

The Disorient
The Disorient, a place of confusion and unknown-unknowns.

A lone survivor fights off the undead in the wastelands far outside of what little of this planet we’ve managed to retake from the infected.

All of them except for “Do Look Down” are watermarked, but the watermark should be fully covered by a bottom-aligned taskbar in Windows 7.