Halo waypoint Customs gamenight (depending ontimezone)!!!!!

Ok if you see the title, you can read it, I guess…

We are featuring a racing, CTF, invasion, infection (INFECTION), and many more Lolz to make us the weirdest community in all halo forums.

Noob: Golly! How do I Join this epic custom game night Mr?

Juan (my name): Easy! Just tell me what time can you come, gamertag, promise to come, and promise to come! (note: if you are going, please be on your word!)

Noob: Can I bring any friends?

Juan: NO! This is a community gamenight, as in we are the community, if we have less than 16 players you can bring your friends.

Noob: Will there be any prizes

Juan: Heres your answer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl7BJvyI2I0

Noob: Can I bring any maps?

Juan: Sure! But PM me so it won’t be a last minute rush.