halo waypoint custom challenge bug.

I recently heard about custom challenges and I thought I would give it a try so I set a few easily attainable campaign challenges to test it out. after gaining enough to complete them I noticed that it would not let me turn them in before the timer to try for some more. The turn-in button is faded out. I then noticed that even though I had met my goal of 100/100 enemies, for example, the progress bar had not moved at all. When I clicked on the each individual challenge though, near the bottom, below the creator of the challenge, that bar was full. Also, it would not let me forfeit my challenge if i had already “completed” it. An error message would come up saying “Error: Sorry, we encountered a problem while processing your request.”

It happens sometimes, your best bet is to refresh the page.

I have done that plenty of times. Thanks for the idea though.

You need to wait for the time to run out otherwise that will happen

i dont know how this works so well someone send me one but didnt said pending on waypioint so i couldnt do it. and when i want to invite someone to do it it doesnt let me write

I am trying to turn-in my challenges before the timer ends so i don’t have to wait three hours to try for some more credits.

> You need to wait for the time to run out otherwise that will happen

That’s not how it works. You complete them, and you can turn them in and start a new one. The credits are awarded after the time limit, but it is not supposed to lock in place and stop you from making new ones.

Unless they just recently changed that, and made it so forfeiting gives you an error…

Yeah… refreshing the page didn’t work for me.

I swear that I completed one of my matchmaking firefight challenges, and at the last minute refreshed the page roughly six times and still not a chance to turn it in.

-Yoink-. I want my 10K.

343 needs a bug section in the forums.