Halo Waypoint Armor Issue

I am looking for 343 staff to help me only

My gamertag is Forever Shots, my Spartans armor here on Halo Waypoint wont update to Spartan 4s current armor and is frustrating

Please help me by updating it

> Have you had a chance to check out the FAQ yet?
> I changed my armor but my Spartan on Halo Waypoint hasn’t updated. Why?
> 4GB consoles: Halo 4 uses the hard drive to cache and store the altered image and save that image to our services used by Waypoint to display the update. Unfortunately without a hard drive, this update process does not occur.
> If you do not have a 4GB console and are still experiencing this issue, make sure you are changing your Spartan armor in the main lobby and not during the search phase.