Halo waypoint app is a complete joke

If the halo waypoint app included these forums then I could justify its existence but it’s insanely dull and from my point of view was a complete waste of money and time, why do I need an app to see things that are only affected when I’m actually in game ie when I could already see whatever it is I wanted to see. Again move the forums over to the app and maybe it’ll get more engagement then oh I looked at it and now I can delete it…

Incase you weren’t aware, you can download the Discourse app and browse the forums through it. It is much easier to use than the website if you want to read forums. I too was disappointed that the new Waypoint app didn’t have access to the forums, but I’m glad I discovered the Discourse app. I got rid of the Waypoint one not long after downloading it.

Oh and I agree, a big waste of time and money.